Meika's story

For 209 days and nights, Ronald McDonald House became Meika's 'home away from home'

For seriously ill children, the little things you make possible really are the big things.


Meika, was a normal, happy little girl who loved sleepovers and making messy potions and mud pies, when she was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer at age nine.

Her family, who live in regional Australia, were told she would need months of chemotherapy and radiation to save her life. They were crushed.

With your help, Meika’s mum, gran and siblings were fortunate they could secure a place in Ronald McDonald House while she underwent intensive treatment.

When they arrived at their cosy home-away-from-home, they could not have imagined the long, heartbreaking journey ahead.

As Meika underwent treatment that often made her sick, what made things easier was that she and her loved ones could continue some of their normal routines – the everyday things they had always taken for granted.



Meika loves playing with her little brother at the house.



With her family staying just footsteps from the hospital, Meika could bake with her gran and play with her siblings when she felt well enough. This really helped her recovery, both physically and emotionally.

In total, your support enabled Meika’s family to spend 209 days and nights at Ronald McDonald House during her treatment.

Although it was the toughest time, they could face it as a family, and made some unforgettable memories together.

In fact, Meika’s little brother Archer still calls Ronald McDonald House “home” and it’s even where her baby sister first crawled, talked and walked! Today, Meika is back at home, and when she returns for hospital check-ups, she feels happy, not scared. She loves to visit the friends she made during her time at Ronald McDonald House.

“There is no way I could have done it without the support of RMHC. I would have blown up with anxiety and stress. I will be forever grateful.” – Tegan, Meika’s mum