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Ronald McDonald Learning Program

About the Learning Program

A tailored program to help seriously ill children catch-up on missed education.

The Ronald McDonald Learning Program assists school-aged children with serious illnesses and injuries to catch up on missed education following treatment and recovery. Providing a suite of educational support services, including therapy sessions and one-on-one tutorials with experienced teachers, our Ronald McDonald Learning Program is tailored to students’ individual needs. We aim to build each child’s confidence and self-esteem in preparation for their return to the classroom. All services are free to families thanks to funding from our generous RMHC supporters.

How it works

From improving numeracy and literacy skills, to identifying learning strengths and weaknesses, we aim to make the journey back to school as soon as possible, while also providing a much needed confidence boost.  

Educational support for school aged children

The Ronald McDonald Learning Program (RMLP) is a national program assisting school aged children with serious physical illness and injury catch up on their learning. We believe that every school aged child has the right to achieve to their full potential.

The RMLP looks at all aspects of a child's learning by providing a suite of support which can include comprehensive assessment, therapy and tuition with qualified professionals. All services are provided free to families and schools thanks to the funding from generous supporters of RMHC. Each program is tailored depending upon the child's needs, location and family situation. Most children will receive up to four school terms of one-on-one tuition with a qualified and registered teacher, along with speech and/or occupational therapy if required.

Professional Learning for Teachers

Planning for the return of a student who has suffered a serious physical illness or injury can present challenges for teaching staff. EDMed® is a free, two hour professional development session. EDMed® provides a range of educational strategies and information to assist in the smooth transition and integration back to school. This module can be delivered face to face or in a self-paced, online learning environment.


EDMed Professional Development can be delivered face-to-face to education professionals. EDMed face-to-face is suitable for small-scale meetings, university lectures, or large-scale Professional Development events.

Teach with Us

The Ronald McDonald Learning Program gives teachers a chance to help seriously ill kids catch up on their missed education. Teachers are paid on an hourly basis to tutor students recovering from illness at the student's school or local community facility. Each student receives up to 40 weeks of tutoring, usually completed for an hour each week over four school terms.

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