Emily's Story

During treatment, Emily (middle) was able to maintain her studies through our Learning Program, thanks to people like you. Pictured with her Mum Danielle, and Cricketer Chris Green.


It was great to welcome Emily, 16 and her mum Danielle for this year’s McHappy Day.

They’re two people who really bring to life what Ronald McDonald House is all about.

Emily was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease called Myasthenia Gravis in 2018, when she was almost 13.

It causes weakness in the skeletal muscles, which are responsible for breathing and moving parts of her body, including her arms and legs.

There is no known cure, so Emily and Danielle have to travel back and forth from her home every six weeks for treatment that lasts around two weeks.

“Without the House, we wouldn’t be able to get treatment for Emily because we wouldn’t be able to afford accommodation and the costs. It’s such a blessing for us,” said Danielle.

One of the most critical ways we support Emily is through our Learning Program, which has ensured Emily keeps up with her schoolwork, even though she can’t always be in class.

Our Learning Program is crucial for the children we help – and we know it can make a huge difference to their lives in the long-term, keeping them in formal education longer, which opens up their opportunities in later life.

Emily’s tutors communicate with Emily’s school to help her catch up with work and assignments she may miss while getting treatment.

“With COVID, I think we can all tell how hard school is when you’re away. That’s been my life for three years now and it’s been so helpful to have that support.”

- Emily