Cate's Story

When Cate Laurie was just eight years old, she was diagnosed with the first of two bone marrow failures. Her health problems had a major impact on her life – and her education


So when 22-year-old Cate learned she was awarded the Charlie Bell Scholarship, it was particularly sweet for her and her family, as well as for our Ronald

McDonald House Charities community.


The Charlie Bell Scholarship is a one-off grant of $5,000 to help young people get their education or career back on track.


Cate’s been able to put her scholarship funds towards university costs, which has allowed her to be closer to the university where she’s completing a Bachelor of Creative Industries, and to the hospital where she continues to receive treatment.


At Ronald McDonald House Charities we want to do everything we can to help children realise their potential in life and Cate’s experience shows just what the right support at the right time can do.