Our Programs



There are many ways for businesses, community groups, corporates or individuals to become involved with Ronald McDonald House Canberra. Whether through an in-kind donation, a financial contribution or volunteering, we look forward to discussing these with you. 


The families that stay Ronald McDonald House Canberra can benefit from your continued support by asking you to choose a date that has special meaning or significance to you and to ‘adopt a room’. A contribution of $132 will cover the costs for a family staying at the house on your chosen night. Our House gives families a place to stay so they are close to their child at all times.  This means more time for hugs, kisses and lots of love.

For more information on this program please contact us on (02) 62815894 or email reception.canberra@rmhc.org.au 


Your business or community group can sponsor a room to help with maintenance and upkeep. Your company logo will be displayed on the room entrance door. 

For more information regarding room sponsorships, please contact our Executive Officer - Michelle McCormack michelle.mccormack@rmhc.org.au

Current Room Sponsors

Room 1 - Lexus of Canberra

Room 2 - McDonald's ACT & Queanbeyan

Room 3 - Spinify Foundation

Room 4 - Vikings Group

Room 5 - Elect Printing

Room 6 - Doma Hotels

Room 8 - Emanate Technology

Room 9 - Southern Cross Nine

Room 10 - McDonald's Cooma


Workplace Giving enables your employees the opportunity to make a pre-tax donation direct from their regular pay. Some corporations choose to match ‘dollar for dollar’ contributions made by employees. A small donation from many has a very big collective impact. A $5 donation per fortnight is just over the cost of one coffee, but as a workplace giving donation, this amount can help accommodate a family with a seriously ill child at Ronald McDonald House Canberra. Because your donations are processed through your pay you receive an immediate, guaranteed tax deduction - you do not have to collect, keep and claim receipts. Contributions are pre-tax and tax free!  For tax advice, it is recommended you contact your Accountant or Tax Advisor. 

To become a donor through workplace giving, please contact michelle.mccormack@rmhc.org.au


By volunteering at Ronald McDonald House Canberra, your staff will be joining more than 1,200 active volunteers at Houses across Australia who make it possible for us to provide a home away from home for families 365 days a year. You will be given various tasks to complete on the day these may include working bees, meal preparation and interaction with families. Staff engagement opportunities make it possible for colleagues to work as a team and to directly connect with the work of Ronald McDonald House. This creates morale, and a more meaningful connection between your organisation and Ronald McDonald House Canberra.

To get some more information on corporate volunteering, please email volunteers.canberra@rmhc.org.au


Our Learning Program gives children who have suffered serious or chronic illness the chance to help them catch up on their missed education and reach their true potential. This program provides one-on-one tutoring with a qualified teacher to help children catch up and assist them in reintergrating back into the school enviroment.

For more information regarding the Learning Program in Canberra, please contact Zoie Fortington on ( 02) 6281 5894 or zoief@rmhwestmead.org.au


Our Family Retreats offer a welcoming and peaceful environment, often near the beach or close to local nature settings. Families with a seriously ill child, or those greiving the loss of a child, can come together in a calm and relaxing setting, far from the hospital environment. 

For more information regarding our Family Retreat at Batemans Bay, please email familyretreat.batemansbay@rmhc.org.au