Meet our volunteer, Wayne


I’ve been an overnight volunteer at Ronald McDonald House for more than eight years, along with my wife, Bev. I’ve seen first hand how your gifts change lives.


Every time a family walks through the door, I help them while they cope with the stressful and frightening time with their seriously ill or injured child. I listen, offer comfort, a friendly smile – a big hug if they need it.

It’s my way of giving back and I love it.

What really hits you when you spend time here is the strength of the love. The parents, the siblings, the seriously ill kids themselves – they are nothing short of amazing.

Love is what gets them by, and it’s only possible when they can all be together, supporting each other, here at the House.

When I leave the House after a shift, I always leave on a high. What I do doesn’t always sound like much, but I know it makes a huge difference.


After just one shift, the House envelops you and you fall in love with the place.