An amazing charitable program that helps children recovering from serious illness catch up on lost learning is also providing an entirely new focus for teachers that truly love their profession.

Mother of three, Jenelle says the tutoring work she does for ‘Ronald McDonald Learning Program’ is the most satisfying and enriching teaching she has ever conducted in almost 20 years in education.

Managed by Ronald McDonald House Charities, the program provides extra tutoring for children who have suffered from serious illness such as leukaemia and brain tumours. They’ve often missed at least one year of school and as a result, their confidence levels are low and they often fear returning to class.

“It’s not just in their knowledge, but in their personality, their confidence and their emotions.” she says. “They’ve missed so much school, they’re daunted about going back. They begin to think they’re stupid and they lose confidence. We bring them back from there to a place where they’re once again confident in their knowledge and abilities. It’s a wonderful change to witness.”

“Professionally it’s an amazing environment in which to teach.” Jenelle, a 40-year-old teacher from Coffs Harbour, says. “There is a very wholistic approach to ensuring the child is cared for and brought back into the school community. Personally it’s the most incredibly satisfying form of teaching you can possibly do. And practically it’s a very flexible type of job, especially for a busy mum such as myself.”

“It’s the most incredibly satisfying form of teaching you can possibly do.”

One of the most incredible aspects of tutoring for the Learning Program, Jenelle says, is the fact that you actually witness change in the child as you give them knowledge.

“It’s a lot to do with earning their trust then offering them a one-to-one environment in which they can safely admit that they don’t understand a specific mathematical issue, for instance. In class they’d feel silly to ask, but in a tutoring session they feel safe, so they learn.”

“I often take kids through to their next year of school to make sure they are okay with everything before they move up. When they do, I feel incredibly proud. I feel positive about the fact that I have helped make a change in them and I have addressed issues that have made them stronger.”

The Ronald McDonald Learning Program is actively seeking more teachers across Australia to help tutor kids recovering from serious illness. Having helped more than 6000 children since 1998, the Learning Program currently supports over 900 students nationally, from Kindergarten to Year 12. It provides tuition with an experienced teacher as well as speech and occupational therapy if required.

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