Briony and Kiara's Story

Ronald McDonald House Newcastle became home

Briony and Kiara's Story

At 8 years old, Kiara became ill will a severe infection eating away at her scalp. She had a skin graft in June 2018 to cover the open wound and suffered hair loss as a result. Since this happened, Kiara became very nervous, with heightened anxiety, so her time away with family meant she could relax and just be a kid again.

Kiara hasn’t been allowed to swim for about 13 months and that’s what she loves to do.The family made great use of the donated Big 4 Day Pass and Kiara finally got to swim again! All five kids had genuine smiles on their faces and had the best time. 

The Family Room at John Hunter Children’s Hospital was also a huge blessing for the family, giving them space to take time out, talk to volunteers and recharge. Kiara also uses the Ronald McDonald Learning Program and loves her tutoring sessions where she continues to learn without pressure and worries of the classroom and peers.

“It’s because of Ronald McDonald House that our family can get through these hard times.They really do make us feel welcome, safe and put a smile on our faces. What you do is priceless.”

Family standing on balcony