Our Facilities



Ronald McDonald House Orange has 8 family rooms which sleep families of 6.  Each room has its own en-suite bathroom and access to laundry facilities. Two of the units will be self-contained.  We have beautiful open plan communal and private living areas, dining and kitchen areas and administrative space for staff and volunteers. Our communal living areas also provide a teenage retreat, an area for young children including a Children’s Library and computers.  Additionally we have a wonderful outdoor BBQ and dining area and soon to be outdoor play are. 

The Ronald McDonald House Orange site is a beautiful site, adjacent to the hospital, which is surrounded by playing fields, golf course and a swimming pool and has a canopy of established trees that attract many native species of birds and animals.  The House has been designed around the trees.

Our communal living area (kitchen, dining, lounge, teenage retreat, area for young children and outdoor BBQ area is the engine room of the House, the place where it all happens in a shared space.  The laughter, the tears and the hugs – plus the important bits like cups of tea and your daily newspaper; a sneaky snack in the middle of the night, a family meal and even arguments over whose turn it is to unpack the dishwasher.


We all need to eat – even when you may not be hungry. That’s why we make it easy for you to store your groceries, with your own space to store your drygoods and also a spot in the fridge and freezer.  We supply some of the basics, like bread and milk, tea and coffee and often a home-baked goodie or two.


No matter where we go, the laundry just keeps on piling up!  This is the place where you meet others over a pile of dirty laundry and the world just seems that bit better.   Laundry powder supplied.


A long hot shower or a nice soak in the bath may be just what you need after a long day at the hospital.  All of our rooms have an en-suite bathroom.


We understand that families are often going through a really tough time when they stay with us.  Your room is your escape, away from the clinical environment of the hospital.  We like to show we care by providing a comfortable room that’s nice to come home to.   

Because your room doesn’t have lots of space, when you have visitors, you need time on your own or you want to curl up with a DVD.  DVD players can be borrowed for your room, or loan a DVD and watch in the communal area.

Little ones need to know where Mum or Dad or Grandma is, but they also like to have uninterrupted playtime too.  The playroom for littlies is in the open plan play areas, which means you can sit and enjoy a coffee with the latest magazine on a lounge, or whip up a storm in the kitchen and know they are safe, close by.


A space for the teenagers to watch TV, DVD, play a game or participate in the Big Brother Big Sister Homework Program. A great place for older kids to get some peace and quiet away from the babies and toddlers and there’s even a comfy chair in the sun for Mum or Dad to keep kids company with a good book.

A great, sunny space for the little ones to play safely whilst you watch on

Our favourite spot of all!  On this amazing site we have a beaultiful landscape of heritage listed trees.  Cook a BBQ, spend some time in the sun, watch the kids play on the lawn.  Just five minutes in the sun can make all the difference when you’re having a tough day.