RMHC Ride For Sick Kids WA



The RMHC Ride for Sick Kids originates from Sydney where three "Fortunate Fathers" decided to do something amazing for sick children in their state. That was back in 2005, and the Ride has since spread its roots in 3 other states where it is being organised by dedicated committees made up of RMHC representatives as well as McDonald's Licensees and corporate staff. The first RMHC Ride for Sick Kids WA hosted its inaugural Ride in 2012, and has been going strong ever since. 


Each Rider commits to raising $3,000 for the Ronald McDonald House Perth. Fundraising can start immediately after registration through your individual fundraising account up until after the Ride has finished. It's a big number, but it also provides 15 nights of free accommodation to a family in need who are incredibly grateful for the support. We will assist with facts and figures to share with your social networks as well as general fundraising initiatives that will help raise your dollar tally. We're also only just an email or phone call away!


This year will see us take off from Kalamunda travelling through stunning rural sceneries of the Northern Wheatbelt. We love staying in the local towns and throwing in a few hills on the way to make it more interesting. Over the four days we will be covering a (minimum) total of 387km:

Day 1:   Kalamunda - Northam (96km)

Day 2:   Northam - York Loop (102km)

Day 3:   Northam - Bindoon (99km)

Day 4:   Bindoon back to Perth (90km)

Our dedicated team of support riders will make sure everyone is safe (first and foremost!), has fun, and will be able to recover for the next day. There will be scheduled rest breaks about every 20-30km as well as a lunch break to replenish water bottles and nutrition, and stretch the legs.

All dinners and shared accommodation are organised for the entire group for the duration of the Ride, and our Support Crew is second to none. 


We are generally trying to cater for all abilities, but road cycling experience in a group is essential. To cover the daily goal in good time, the peleton will move at speeds between 25 and 30km/hour pending road and weather conditions. The riders will be sitting in an envelope of support cars (including lead car, SAG wagon and ambulance), and are managed by "Chaperones" who are communicating to the Support Crew via radio. Safety is paramount, and will always be the guiding force for decisions made on the day.

If you are new to cycling, but like the challenge of this Ride, we suggest you start training at least 3 months prior to the event. Please get in contact with us as soon as you are willing to commit, and we can assist you with advice on training plans and existing cycling networks in Perth. We do offer training rides leading up to the main event (see Events tab), but they will not be able to provide the full extent of what will be required during the Ride. 

We only accept fully serviced and maintained road bikes on the RMHC Ride For Sick Kids. 


In early December 2015 RMH Perth moved from its 18 room home in Subiaco to a brand new, state-of-the-art 47 room home in Nedlands. This move saw the scope of their services grow significantly enabling the House to meet increased demand. Operational costs have more than doubled as a result, and the RMHC Ride For Sick Kids aims to raise funds every year to assist with those expenses.

The fundraising commitment of our riders, the dedication of our sponsors, and proceeds from the social events in connection to our Ride all contribute to generating these funds. The organising committee is made up entirely of volunteers from the House as well as the McDonald's Family and Friends, so the money goes to where it is needed.


A Ronald McDonald House provides the biggest currency of all when a child is sick – TIME.

  • Ronald McDonald House programs give families time with their sick children to help with the healing process.
  • Families can face the weight of illness together.
  • Staying at Ronald McDonald House improves adherence to complicated treatment plans and communication with the child’s medical team.
  • Our volunteers cook meals and clean the House – helping give families time by freeing them up to concentrate on their child.

Below are some fantastic facts and figures from 2017 showing the impact Ronald McDonald House Perth had on families with sick children: