A family smiling at the kitchen table.



Staying with us

"To the wonderful staff, amazing volunteers and generous donors of the Ronald McDonald House North Queensland, thank you for your love, care and friendship during our very unplanned stay in Townsville after the extremely early birth of our daughter. You provided a loving home away from home, which we will be forever grateful for. Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation to the incredible volunteers, staff and facilities shared with us."

"To the amazing staff and volunteers, How could we even begin to thank this service for the past five weeks we had to uproot our lives? Such a stressful and distressing time was made so much more manageable because of your service. Thank you!"

"Ronald McDonald House in an incredible place. The facilities are second to none. The employees and volunteers are genuinely caring people who can't do enough for you. I've never donated to RMH charities before and it’s a shame because this organisation provides free accommodation to any demographic, there is food available and facilities and services I'd never imagined. This facility relies entirely on donations and sponsorship. When we leave we will be digging very deep and will never forget how generous and kind this charity is."

"Staying at Ronald McDonald House North Queensland has been a lifesaver. We have friends in Townsville but we would have just been sleeping on the couch and it would have been really hard, and we wouldn’t have been steps from the hospital. It’s been incredible. The staff and volunteers have been wonderful. I think that people know about the charity but they don’t know the extent of what it actually means. And it also gave us a chance to meet couples going through the same thing as us.”


"My experience at Ronald McDonald House has taught me that support and care for others can make a real difference. My eyes have been opened to the many ways that supporting and caring for others can make a change." -James Cook University Education Student Volunteer

"During and after placement I have reflected on people’s needs and how the House helps them. Most importantly I developed a sense of achievement and a sense of belonging, to a positive working team that works together to achieve a common goal." -James Cook University Education Student Volunteer