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The House has internal ramps, direct access to courtyards and bathrooms equipped for people with disabilities.

Families staying at the House are allocated one room. Room sizes vary and alternative arrangements can be made for other family members.

Family and friends are welcome to visit between 9am and 8pm daily. It is a mandatory House rule that all visitors are completely free of any illness whatsoever to eliminate the risk of infecting children who are being treated at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Children are the responsibility of parents/guardians, including in play areas. Your children must be in clear sight of the supervising adult at all times. Parents/ guardians are responsible for supervising their children, not staff, volunteers or other RMH families. Children must not be left at the House unattended at any time.


We do not provide meals, but we are fortunate to have groups of corporate volunteers and supporters who attend the House from time to time to cook dinner for House guests. We notify guests of these events by way of notices displayed throughout the House. All House guests are welcome at these dinners at no charge.

Important guidelines for departure will be provided upon admission, but on discharge your room should be made ready for the next family.

Ronald McDonald House is to be used and respected as a home away from home and is run on a self help communal basis.

Our staff members and volunteers will try to make your stay as comfortable as possible but as the House is a communal facility you are one of those responsible for its care. As a guest we ask that you keep your room, bathroom, kitchen and other common areas clean.

For further information on departures please contact our House Staff on (03) 9345 6300.