Hobart, TAS

When families of seriously ill or traumatically injured children need to travel away from home to access specialised medical care in Hobart because it is not available near their home, Ronald McDonald House is there to help.  

We provide comfortable, low cost accommodation across the road from the hospital. We want our guest families to feel safe, supported and cared for, so staff and volunteers are on hand to offer help through difficult times. Strength and support is provided by other families sharing their hopes and fears while facing similar challenges.
We know that when a child is sick, having family around them for love and support eases their anxiety and assists the healing process.  The opportunity the House provides to be together enables parents and siblings to bring comfort and reassurance to their ill child when they need it most.

It can be overwhelming coping with a seriously ill child, trying to meet the demands of other family members and staying in an unfamiliar city. That’s where Ronald McDonald House can help. By providing a supportive environment away from the hospital ward, we can ease some of the difficulties families face so they concentrate on their child’s recovery.

Ronald McDonald House Hobart first opened its doors in September 1998 and since that time has assisted more than 4000 families of seriously ill children.   The House is designed to cater for up to 10 families and offers communal facilities for cooking, dining and laundry, private bedrooms, bathrooms, play areas, a rooftop garden and private space for family time.