Building a
new House


"Ronald McDonald House is an organisation that you fall in love with instantly. The whole focus of caring for country families with children that need short or long term hospital treatment instantly rings true.  My first visit to Ronald McDonald House in Perth convinced me that this is a great cause.  While the service and spirit in the existing building is wonderful it clearly now falls well short of demand. 

The announcement of a new children’s hospital to be built in Nedlands by 2015 created the opportunity to build a new Ronald McDonald House.  The committees have moved quickly to secure a suitable site, an incredible iconic building has been designed and I am delighted to have the opportunity to play a small role in helping to raise the funds required to move forward with this most important project."

When the State Government announced it would build a new children’s hospital in Nedlands (now underway), Ronald McDonald House (RMH) Perth was confronted with an immense challenge. It too would need to relocate so its regional families could continue to be accommodated close to their child’s hospital bed.

In the tradition of cautious development which has characterised this organisation since it opened in 1990, RMH Perth has commissioned a number of professional studies to identify the scope of the project and the best strategies for bringing their vision to reality. Over the past three years, the Board and Management have worked tirelessly to bring this development to life to ensure RMH continues the charity’s future sustainability.

So convinced was the State Government of the urgency to build a new House in close proximity to the new hospital that, in 2011, it worked with the QEII Medical Centre Trust to source an area of land on Monash Avenue for the use of RMH.  The momentum has continued to build!

It is projected that the new children’s hospital will be completed in mid to late 2015. So that RMH Perth can open its doors concurrently with the hospital.

The new House in Perth will ensure that the needs of Western Australian families are met long into the future. The existing House in Subiaco currently operates at full capacity.  Many families of sick children simply cannot be accommodated due to lack of space.  Not for much longer.

The new House, which will be built on the southern side of the QEII site, will feature 47 family rooms capable of sleeping between 160 to 180 people on any given night and is projected to help 1000 families every year.  This will effectively triple the current capacity and include new facilities such as isolation units and extended family and long stay units.

The new House will be far more than just a new home.  It will be a sanctuary of support and a place of comfort.

Upon arrival at the new Ronald McDonald House families will follow a curved wall through a tranquil garden to a reception area where they will be shown into the private Welcome Room. This has been created specifically to have a calming and soothing effect on parents and is located directly next to the elevator which will take them straight to their room after checking-in.

The crown of the building will be a glass dome skylight that will let diffused light stream into all parts of the building through a central atrium which exposes all the levels to one source of natural light. This will create a sense of space and openness between the building floors.

Numerous lounge areas that allow for quiet reflection will be incorporated throughout this multistory building. Communal areas have been integrated to provide a place where families can connect with others in the same situation, helping to ease the isolation of a stressful and frightening time. An extensive dining and kitchen area has also been included.

Current house   
 New House    

 Accommodates  72 180

 18 47

 Families per year
 375 1000

 Seize of rooms
 11 sqm
 24-35 sqm

 Wheelchair accessible rooms
 2  46 

 Isolation Units
 0  2

 Welcome Room
 0  2

 Lounge Areas
 1  9


The Late Mary Ann Lavina Barrows

Mrs Barrows was a pioneer farmer from the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia during the Great Depression. Widowed and childless Mrs Barrows had a great love of children and often took them into her care on the farm. These children were in need of nourishment or needed help recovering from illness and she brought them back to good health.

Throughout her life Mrs Barrows was guided by two basic principles. The first was total honesty and fairness and the second was sharing what little she had with others less fortunate. She also had great faith and hope in young people always seeing them as the future of the nation. From her Estate Mrs Barrows endowed The Barrows Foundation as an organisation to carry on the charitable works which so characterised her life. Since 1986 The Barrows Foundation has primarily supported families and children in need.

The Barrows Foundation has generously pledged $500,000 towards building a new Ronald McDonald House as a result of a special bequest from Kathleen Evelyn Dawn Cox, widow of Mrs Barrows’ nephew, the Late Mervin A Cox. The M A Cox Memorial Fund was set up, within The Barrows Foundation, to honour her late husband’s wishes to pay tribute to the legacy of Mrs Barrows. This bequest was intended to provide accommodation to WA country families who need a place to stay while their child receives treatment at the Children’s hospital in the city. Founding Trustee and Chairman of The Barrows Foundation, Denis J Whitely, knew that supporting the building of a new Ronald McDonald House was the perfect way to honor the memory and kindness of Mr. Mervyn Cox. In perpetual recognition, a lounge in the North Wing of the new House will be named “The Mervin Cox Lounge”. 

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